Speed Up but Stand Still

photo 5-11 photo 4-10 And of course, always, play scrabble!photo 5-2


It’s getting to be winter in this part of the world. The tourists are flying out, cruising off, and business hours are diminishing. The mornings wake you with a crispness that brings out the green in the grass and fogs your tea glass when you take a sip. We sleep with the duvet all night, and shut the hatches to stem the breeze.

Then again, it is still Cyprus, and anyway it’s only October. Most days I can still draw a sweat if I work at it, and I’m still relishing the afternoon ocean-swim recharges. They say it’s a great island to be on year-round.So maybe the energy shift I’m feeling is all me – maybe it’s just my heart rate calming down, my body wondering: “so, what’s next? Why are we stopping here?”

A hectic 3 months of work, involving a major boat re-fit just before an intense owner-holiday, immediately followed by a quick 2 week spin to Quebec and back… I guess i should be grateful for this new ‘downtime’. But somehow, I keep getting this sneaking suspicion, that I might be… bored.

Absurd! What a self-indulgent, first-world, state of mind! You can’t be bored! Being bored is for unimaginative, rich, lonely people! Think!: What feels creative? So I use the weekend to play Scrabble with Marc, and read books, and write letters, and finally get around to updating my blog. And during the week, there is still a sizeably long list of jobs to be done. We may have all winter to do them, but boat-projects have an uncanny way of swallowing several weeks in one quick gulp. The un-boring truth is, there’s always something to do. Something that feels good, challenging, productive. I guess it just seems like, to figure out what that is, I’m spending more energy that usual.

It’s no secret to me that I’m addicted to “new-ness” – to growing and learning and changing. If life isn’t speeding me into another dimension, it’s too slow. If i’m not learning in a year what some learn in 10, I’ll press fast-forward. Is that called ambition? Whatever it is, I’ll admit it can have it’s pitfalls, and sometimes ‘fast’ can turn into ‘rushed’. But for the most part – Life’s Too Short, dammit! There’s a lot to be done, to be seen, to be felt; thinking on the run is a good way to fit more in.

Maybe the secret to success (not the BA type, the other “fulfilled” kind) is to generate that level of growth, no matter what your external surroundings are. Just because winter’s setting in, just because you’re on an island that’s winding down, doesn’t mean you can’t sprint like hell towards personal accomplishment. So, that’s my weeks resolution: wake up, dive in, and keep on moving, even while standing still.



Photo’s from life on the move the last month:

Visit new places!

Feel good!

Learn new skills!

Play with kids!









Sail in strange rivers!

Visit familiar places!

Visit old friends!

Try new amazing food!

See your boyfriend’s city!

Play on the beach!


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