Overdue and Overworked


Once a month, that’s my usual blog posting target. I’m quite off track! So that you can forgive me, here are some good excuses:

– Working in the yachting industry means little sleep and massive hours, especially when the owners are onboard.

– Working on a wooden boat that needs some serious TLC, means little sleep and massive hours, even when the owners aren’t onboard.

– When it’s been 5 days since the owners arrived, and already the auto-pilot, water-maker, bow-thruster, outboard, air-con, and ENTIRE BOOM FITTING have broken, you know there’s not going to be much sleep and definitely some massive hours. All but the boom are now fixed, 6 days in, mostly thanks to little sleep and massive hours.

– The yachting industry expects 5 star service. Being a cook for a family of 5 is exhausting.

– The yachting industry expects 5 star service and a well polished, well running vessel, on demand, at all times. Being a first-mate is exhausting.

–  Being both a cook and a first-mate means little sleep and massive hours.


I think you get the point. My body hasn’t seen much on the horizontal side of things, unless you count being upside down in the aft locker, blood rushing to your head and torch in your mouth. The upside is that I’ve had a very loving captain and partner to do it with, who, despite also being overworked and under-slept, finds smart solutions and a fun attitude. We work together so well, and every day re-enforces our dream-project of our own boat-business.


Hauled out a week before the owner’s arrival. Do we looked as overworked and under-slept as we are?

We are also both really learning a lot, and getting some great experience. I’m rising to the task of ‘cook’ and trying to serve up fresh, nutritious and delicious meals, that look as good as they taste. So far so good and the family seem impressed.


Smoked salmon and quail eggs on a pea pancake.

On the first-mate side of things, I’m always building on my electrical/plumbing/mechanical knowledge and actually quite enjoying fixing the endless breakages… though a break in those would be nice too. Marc is handling all captain’s duties with organisation and skill, from constant emailing and paperwork to on-the-spot repairs and our less-than-calm employer.


On a Turkish taxi boat, off to rescue our boss who is miles away with a tender that won’t start.

After 6 weeks in Bodrum, we have left that part of Turkey and are heading East towards Cyprus. The current plan is still to continue on to Israel, though neither Marc nor I would be disappointed if that changes, given the on-going war zone there. We’ll be at least a week in Cyprus, so hopefully I can update again from there. Unless I’m sleeping.


image image2 image3 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 image11 image12 image13 image14 image15  image17 image18 image19







2 thoughts on “Overdue and Overworked

  1. You are too busy to take photo’s? Or are you working your autopilot self too hard? Thanks for taking the time to update. XX Send the owner LOVE in big dollops. That may help ease his stress syndrome. I’ll send some too. XX

  2. I just read your blog post for Piper while we were having lunch, and she said “Lily!” She is discovering “L” words now, and it was very clear! Then I made such a fuss that she said it over and over. Just so you know, you have these 2 gals thinking about you, even when you are so far away, living such a different life from ours!

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