Dad Turns 80!

                                                                     DSCF1247This weekend was my father’s 80th birthday. 80 years! Wow! And he hasn’t wasted a single second of it – as the dozens of friends and family who came to his party could attest to. He’s got the stories to back it up, and we spent a wonderful weekend laughing, eating and drinking with fun people from near and far. Thank you all for making such an effort to join us, I feel privileged to meet or reacquaint with so many interesting, lovely people! Huge thanks to Mum and Peter for their place at Boonah, the perfect setting. And to the whole family for all your input and creativity – what a wonderful celebration!


Mum, Ella and Dani make all the delicious food, as usual!DSCF1238DSCF1230

Lily, Carolyn, Ricky and Charlie get down on the decorations!


DSCF1239 DSCF1240



Air Tropicana flight attendants:



DSCF1312 DSCF1319 DSCF1324 DSCF1331 DSCF1338 DSCF1342 DSCF1346 DSCF1353 DSCF1354 DSCF1361 DSCF1362 DSCF1364

Ella MC’s, then Suzie (eldest daughter) gives a speech: DSCF1365 DSCF1367 DSCF1371My turn (youngest daughter)… unsuccessfully holding back the tears:


“Just last night, Rosemary was telling the story of the time Dad, landing in Emerald one early morning, had to rouse the sleepy-eyed traffic controller. Upon Dad introducing himself, the young man immediately grabbed his hand and shook it furiously, saying “You’re a legend!”

 That pretty much captures how I feel about you Dad – and I know i’m in good company. Your ability to make anyone feel welcome, to always get a laugh, and to look at life with optimism and adventure. The way you so humbly impart your vast knowledge, and always take interest in helping if you can. Your hard to ruffle nature, and the many many varied crazy and dangerous expeditions you’ve done in your 80 years on earth – That’s what makes you a legend, and the legacy you continue to create in every community, is why I’m so proud to be a Keith Barlow daughter.”


Bob Wylie gives us all the giggles as he pulls out the Vanuatu Custom outfits:



Mum read’s Peter’s wonderful invitation poem and says a few words:


Then Dad gives us the giggles again:


Dad cuts the amazing Airplane cake (courtesy Ella):

DSCF1421 DSCF1429


And finally, an amazing summer hail storm, seen from the (relative) comfort of the deck:






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