Portal’s Pacific Complete!

                       pacific track1


At 165 million square kilometers in area, the Pacific Ocean covers about 46% of the Earth’s water surface and about one-third of its total surface area, making it larger than all of the Earth’s land area combined.

Translation: Crossing the Pacific Ocean on a 30ft sailing boat, often going no faster than a brisk walk, takes a really, really long time. It’s big. Really big. Big enough to contain thousands of paradisaical islands, a whole bunch of curious whales, dozens of delicious Dorado, miles and miles of treacherous waves, kilometers of tranquil still seas, squalls, thunderstorms, pelting rain, rainbows, turtles, sunshine, parades of fast moving ships, communities of slow moving sailors, black people, white people, weavers and carvers and builders, and a whole bunch more of COMPLETE UNKNOWN.

But, all crests are conquerable, and after 9 months of sailing, Portal has made it to Australia. We are tired, dirty and hungry, but we’re here!

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7 thoughts on “Portal’s Pacific Complete!

  1. WOO HOO!! So amazingly awesome! Could not be happier and more proud of my adventures pirate friends!! Think of you so often and can’t wait to catch up!!! Sending all my love!!


  2. I am a friend of James Talbott, I am amazed by your travels. I could never do it by boat, but the bike I am in love! You are brave and living the life of the fullest! Enjoy it! You inspire me! Thanks
    Liliana G.

  3. Lily and Charlie, What an adventure! I have read all the blogs and enjoyed them the same way I would enjoy an adventure novel; never knowing what will happen next! Your descriptions of the journey were incredible. I feel like a small part of me made that crossing with you as I read your blog from the safety and comfort of my home.

    As I fly across the ocean and look down at that tiny speck, all by it’s lonesome, bobbing in the waves, hundreds of miles from land, I always think of you two and your great adventure.



    ps….thank you so much for your letter which I just received!

    I do not have your current email address or mailing address.

  4. Great job, you guys! Lily, you are a great writer, and I felt like I was there with you from such vivid and real descriptions. I will admit, we were all worried about you, when you left, especially when you took our dock kitty with you! Silly us!! Best wishes to you both.

    1700 Dock

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