La Paz and The Push-Off

Hello from La Paz! And goodbye from Mexico!

As you may have noticed if you’ve been following our tracker, we are still in La Paz! One week turned into almost two, but, at last, we are just about ready to set sail into the great blue yonder! Yes, it’s 1am, and yes we still have fruit and vegetables all over our cabin floor.


I have been consoling myself by talking to other boaters around here… EVERYONE gets delayed. It’s pretty funny really… we tell ourselves it’ll only take so long, it’s really a simple job, we can stow that stuff easily… all the while knowing, understanding, that these things have a mind of their own and foil you when you least expect it.

But you know, if you’re going to be delayed anywhere, this sure is a good place to do it. La Paz has a huge cruisers community, complete with 8am radio meeting, helpful neighbours (usually on bigger boats with more tools), and a selection of Marina’s. We visited local community garden projects, went on epic walking and biking missions, climbed the mast twice, spliced, whip-stitched, varnished, varnished, varnished, and made good use of the endless supply of beer and ice-cream.




Charlie’s birthday happened last week, and his sister even flew down to meet us, since her birthday was the very next day! It was a wonderful two days of complete relaxation, lazing on the beach and ignoring our job-list. We managed to smuggle in a Huge Pacifico Beer-Shaped Pinata, filled with more lollies than I care to describe.


Stickers, a toy tool set and a sling-shot were some of the gifts he received, so it seems everyone is well-aware that he has a lot of little boy in him 🙂


We even got a couple of hours of sailing in while Johanna was visiting. It was great to get out and remind ourselves marina’s are not where Portal belongs.


On the way here from Cabo San Lucas, we finally met a boat named “Reseinder” that had been leap frogging us all the way down the Baja Coast. The two owners, Jerid and Scott, are sweethearts and shock of all shocks – they have a cat named “Pixel”!! I almost fell over when they told us over the VHF radio. What are the chances? They have been docked two boats over from us here in La Paz and are one of the many boats that helped us with various tools and project ideas.

We met two other boats with similar routes – Bruce, Catherine and Luka on “Marionette” a 50ft Cheoy Lee build. They are a Kiwi-French family and will be leaving tomorrow morning on route to the Marquesas. I don’t expect we’ll stay close for long, but it’s nice to know they’re out there!

The second boat is a little more our speed – a 30ft Newport named “Azul”. Her owners Mike and Nea are kindred spirits, going small and going now. Actually they are leaving on Saturday, but we should be sailing around the same route, so I’m sure we’ll see them again.

Portal is more loaded down than she has ever been before – with over 160gals of water, 20gals of fuel, three full propane tanks and more food/produce than a French Polynesian market 🙂 It’s nice to know we’ll be getting lighter and lighter as we head South West and I for one don’t need any better excuse than that to eat a whole pineapple a day for a week!

We have really enjoyed our time here and all the great people we’ve met. Paul and Celeste on The Beguine have become good friends, and we now can search for familiar faces in further reaches of the world. What a great country, full of friendly, helpful people. We didn’t experience anything close to crime or dishonesty during our time here, and we all hope to visit again. We can only hope for similar treatment on the rest of our journey.

For now though, it’s a wide open ocean and no-one but Neptune to treat us right. At least 4 weeks at sea – We’ll see you on the other side ladies and gentlemen!! Adios!


Pixel spent a lot of time sleeping! The heat was getting to her I think…


We overhauled our winches and made them shiny!


Charlie the instructor…



We taped and varnished everything (finally!) and got at least three coats on it all. We’ll need three more for the South Pacific sunshine, but it’s a start and she looks great!


Pixel, the model cat. She made friends too – with ‘Stow-away’ a 5yr old male beauty.


We scrubbed her bottom, which was surprisingly clean. It’s nice that we can reach everything in a few breaths!


Charlie requested a haircut and dread for his birthday… then Babsi wanted one… then Lydia too. Now we all have at least one dreadlock 🙂



3 thoughts on “La Paz and The Push-Off

  1. Love following portal and you all through your blog storytelling! So excited for you all to be journeying through this beautiful planet. Agreed portal is not a marina dweller. Go adventure adults go!

    ❤ Lyndsay

    On Thursday, April 25, 2013, Beelily's Weblog wrote: > Lily Barlow posted: “Hello from La Paz! And goodbye from Mexico! As you may have noticed if you’ve been following our tracker, we are still in La Paz! One week turned into almost two, but, at last, we are just about ready to set sail into the great blue yonder! Yes, it’s 1” >

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