To The Bay and Back

Charlie and I recently took a little trip up to San Francisco to see his mum Pam, who was in town for a conference. A perfectly timed rideshare there and back, a cosy stay in a familiar hostel, and the warmest of reunions with two old friends – what fun!

An anecdote to exemplify the serendipity of the trip:
Charlie, Pam and I have spent the day exploring the city by rented bicycle (cute locally designed “Public” bikes) and decide it’s time for a refreshment in old hippie town – Haight&Ashbury. I use the opportunity to call my dear friend Kate, who I’m hoping to catch up with later on. As she answers her phone, I watch a woman, across the road with her back turned to me, receive a call – and it’s not long before we both realise we are standing right next to each other. There are approximately 812,000 people who live in San Francisco. Coincidence that the one I know is walking the same block as I am, at the very same moment? Or a paranormal sisterhood connection?


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