In gifts and thanks

My second thanksgiving was a memorable one. Our first holiday aboard Portal, and a feast fit for kings. I volunteered for a 5 hour shift at Huckleberry, which was a surprisingly fun way to spend  my morning. As charlie began what we shall from now on refer to as: “The Great Turkey Grilling”, I was at work helping sift through 200 or so customers patiently waiting for their prepared meals. Everyone was in a cheery mood though, and we were given over $1000 in tips for a 3hour window! Wow, that’s some thanks! And guess what? We got to take home boxes and boxes of extras – Pumpkin pie, baked green beans, savory bread pudding, pumpkin soup… I even excepted a ride home in a CAR to avoid carrying it all on my bike… (though i still maintain it could have been done, with enough bundgy chords)

We heated it up, concocted a few extras (gravy, desert etc), and placed it all impressively on the gimballed cockpit table Charlie had fashioned earlier. I wish I could have seen him sawing off the legs outside the thriftstore and biking home with the 4ft wide table top!

Our friends Lyndsey, Rob and Rob’s parents came over around 4, and the gorging began! We were happily lounging lethargically by 7pm, as night (and the fog) fell in.

Happy thanksgiving!

Setting the table

Who said you need an oven to cook a whole turkey?


“The Great Turkey Grilling”
(he used our huge bolt cutters to snap it in half)


(some of) The Spread


Pumpkin Pie and the Mango Possets I prepared earlier, YUM!



Charlie, Rob, Paul, Mary, and Lyndsey





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