Wednesdays and Thursdays

Midweek, we both get a weekend. Santa Monica hosts a food-truck night on Tuesday evenings, but after trying the expensive take-away food once or twice, we realised the magic was all in the location and now enjoy the park with our home-made picnic. I sit reading my book as I wait for Charlie’s shift to finish, and as he arrives, all the Main Street fairy lights switch on. There’s usually ice-cream before the day is done, and then a long sleep-in Wednesday morning. Wednesday is project day though, so pretty soon it’s coffee and an egg breakfast as we discuss our plans. Varnish aft toerail; take off engine starter motor; splice main halyard… etc etc… By 9pm we have usually gotten through it all, and as one of us prepares dinner, the other fires up the movie player. Thursdays are our ‘alone time’ days and is often spent reading, listening to podcasts or writing our respective stories. I spend the mornings away from the boat if I can, and Charlie wanders off in the evening for a few dedicated hours of book proposal work. Friday morning it’s back to the grind, but with the pennies in our pockets piling up, we remember the adventure that is soon to begin…

The magic wand for getting Pixel to come home… she just comes running!

Little kitties like to explore small places…

Pixel chillin’ on the main-boom

I made sushi for dinner…

more MailArt

Bike workshop and tune-up with friends

Going up the mast

The view from half-way up

Pixel’s favourite shady spot


Fly gets a make-over – Partly for my upcoming Halloween costume, partly to match my oh-so-cute pokadot helmet… but mostly just to be FUN!



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