The Adventure Continues!

Wow, sorry I’ve been a little AWOL lately – Life has been full and busy!
Some highlights:

We got a kitten, Pixel:










We finally named our boat (and had a de-naming/re-naming ceremony):














We learnt how to splice:














We sailed to Catalina Island for our First Anniversary:


















And most excitedly, these have been showing up all over the place:












More photos and news coming soon!


3 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues!

  1. these photos are great! and loves the *kisses*. How was Catalina?! I want to hear all about your adeventures :).

    LOVE L & C.

  2. Pretty nice splice you gice (guys). What an awesome way to spend a milestone. Hope you had a wonderfilled day. Your smiles tell the story. You deserve it! Love all the way from the bush to the sea. Mwahhhh<<<<<<<<<<<<< Look out! Carolyn xo

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