Progress and Play

The wind carries time on its wings and the days grow longer… Life afloat is better than ever. We finally moved into our own slip, which means she’s now free to do what she does best – Sail! We haven’t taken her out yet… the 15 minute motoring journey into the marina was enough excitement for the week… but now we’re settled and free, it won’t be long before we hoist her canvas and fly with the wind!

In preparation, I’ve scrubbed her clean inside and out, peeling off years of L.A smog and grime. She came up pretty good! Once we varnish all the woodwork and replace her lines, she’ll look like a whole new lady! Typing that sentence was easy, but one of those jobs requires a lot of muscle power, the other a lot of (green) paper power, so they won’t be quite so simple. In time though, in time!




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One thought on “Progress and Play

  1. She looks sweet, Lily! I have never been on a sailboat before, but there are a few that I have seen that I liked. I hope she brings the two of you many years of pleasure!

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