New Equator – The Documentation
















What a weekend! What an extravaganza! Life begins to return to normal now, but the memory and love of such a beautiful event will stay with us forever. Looking over the photos I’m reminded of the love and community that we all shared. Friends and family from around the world, and from right here in Madison, to unite and celebrate Love!

Each one made such an effort to be here – from hitch-hiking adventures to  last minute plane departures, there was a story in each arrival. Seeing so many of the people we adore all in one place, supporting us and unifying us, was… unforgettable and indescribable.  And the unimaginable hours put into food, bikes, co-ordination, and a million other things – an extravaganza would never have been possible without so much help. We felt touched, blessed and eternally grateful for the mission effort that went into pulling it off. Thank you packages are on their way!

Head on over to Flickr for lots more photos:

And lots more coming soon! We’ll include an explanation in the thank you notes on how to upload YOUR photos to that flickr account too. We’d love to see them! Big thanks to Chris Hoppe for these snaps – the ones we have so far are beautiful!


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