Many Miles, Trillions of Thank You’s.

This is a long list. Let it stand as an answer to the question I’m so often asked: “Did you run into any trouble?” The road will always provide, and people always seem to be there when you need them most. Thank you so so much, from the core of my being, for all of your love, help, and selflessness – I couldn’t have cycled a continent without you.

For their hospitality, a vital ingredient:

  • Recycle-a-Bicycle – Dan and Patrick – for having Juno and making her into the best bike she could be!
  • Brad in NYC for a comfy couch
  • James in Nyack, for a warm shower when it was truly needed, and an even warmer welcome in Vancouver.
  • Albany Abe and his vegan baking housemate Ashley
  • Chris and Emma in Ithaca for taking me in off the street and for all the Bike/Madison geeking.
  • Marvin in Ithaca for a delicious meal and a happy roof
  • Joe in Ithaca for the vegan carrot cake!
  • To all at Plankton in Buffalo for showing me the beauty of a depressed city.
  • Steve in Niagara
  • Ruben and family in Hamilton
  • All at the S.H.A.H for just existing so awesomely
  • Jackie and Tom in Ontario for giving 2 strangers everything they could need, and for hunting with a bow and arrow!
  • Troy, Dayna and Porter in Sarnia.
  • Handsome Mike and Pickleball Sally for restoring faith in Michigan
  • Scott in Grand Rapids for the beer, the laughs, the couch
  • Nathaniel and Sean in Milwaukee
  • Doug in Chicago for a last minute couch and a long lasting story
  • Pam, for more than I could say. For the first home in a long time, for the mothering and the friendship
  • Johanna and Raven for all the knowledge and lightness
  • Charley III for loving me already and for the photography inspiration
  • Jim and Maxine for the house, the interview, the garden
  • Megan in Winona
  • Everyone at the Crockhouse, especially Will and Alicia for so much space to recuperate, and for all the laughs.
  • To the family on the Missippi who took us in – I lost Luke’s address and feel terrible! Please send it to me again!?
  • Gerardo in Fargo for taking us in at the last minute and being super chill
  • Kate and Lisa in Minot
  • Tracey and Donovan in Poplar for proving there are good people even in “StabCity”
  • The two hikers who gave us their camping spot in Glacier
  • Tyson in Bonner’s Ferry for the lawn
  • Dollores and Jack Fountain in Locke for being grandparents for a night and all the lost stories
  • The Bicycle Camping Barn for existing and the couple I interviewed there for their energy (please contact me!)
  • To Beth, Guisepi’s mother, for being the end I so needed, for the great conversations and delicious meals.

For the Company and Love:

  • Jon in Albany for being my first bad-ass bike company
  • Jon Watts the Quaker for inspiring in so many different ways, for the love, the bikes, the faith
  • Leon for being the best Irishman ever, and providing motivation to pedal on – then, now, always.
  • Lalo and Emily in Toronto for living and breathing wanderlust
  • The Madison Bicycle Caravan who I met on the bike path for spreading such joy
  • Alan for picking mulberries and for a day’s company
  • Paul for all the High-line Bicycle Gang laughs and staying true to his dreams
  • Stephanie for being another solo rider with zest, and humbly living dreams
  • Oak for inspiring and pushing me when I most needed it, and for being the damn coolest bike brother ever. Oh and for the morning wake up songs.
  • Kristy- my moldy sweat back sister – for just being so fucking awesome, for riding her bike and pushing herself
  • Matt for the laughs and the best bike gang ever
  • Reinhard for being so well-rounded, sensible and silly
  • Christian and Caleb for sharing stories and creating that special day in the park
  • The 3 dutch guys, Han, Hans and Robert for living their 30yr old dream and for the ice-cream!

For help on the Road:

  • The lovely co-op worker in Milwaukee who bought me free food, just because
  • Day, for her welcoming postcard and unwavering love and concern
  • Derek and Machinery Row for the bike work and free stuff
  • John Statz for the incredible music
  • Tim in Wisconsin who rescued me when I needed to be rescued
  • Noel, for riding a long way and for the honest chat
  • The three cyclists in West Salem for the pizza and reminding me to follow my heart, not my ego
  • Josh Ritter and Management for the free ticket and amazing show!
  • Jay in Devil’s Lake for the swim and best buffet meal ever
  • All at the Fargo Bike Co-op for their admirable energy

For Lightfoot:

  • To Amanda in NYC for encouragment and documentation
  • Emma for writing and supporting
  • Dan for the “Sketch” box and actively participating
  • Angel for instantly dropping and writing a letter – spontaneous instant participation!
  • George, who wrote just to write, and brightened my mailbox
  • John and Mother Fools Coffee House for such energetic support and the box space
  • The Crockhouse for the box and being in on the project
  • All those lovelies who wrote/shared/delivered – thanks for the ACTION – it’s the only way to change the world!

And finally – special heartfelt thanks to my steadfast support crew, who’s thought and words echo through every mile, and who will always allow me to be myself, be strong and to be true:

  • Charlie
  • Mum
  • Ella
  • Ange
  • Rosie

7 thoughts on “Many Miles, Trillions of Thank You’s.

  1. Thanks for the thanks – we enjoyed hosting you at our home. Funny thing, we ran into Han, Hans, and Robert in Ludington Michigan and bought them ice cream! I’ve been following their blog too. What a coincidence! Happy you made it to the other side! Best wishes.

  2. Lily you are the coolest bike sister I’ve ever rode with. Sorry Kristy. Love you lots, let me know when you get to Canada and I’ll come visit.

  3. Grrreat list! Wonderful thanks! and think of all the seeds you’ve dropped and nourished along the way… there’ll be little lightfooted warriors popping up all across the land! hee hee

  4. That is quite a list. I think I would need quite a few note to myself to remember all that. I am just glad that I had the chance to meet you as you passed through town on your journey, and hopefully my next letter will be in Vancouver when you arrive

    Take care!


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