Fully Loaded

So most bike tourers seem to have a pretty little photo with all their gear, and a list of stuff they carry. I’ve never done it, but today, with my stuff scattered all over the floor, I thought it was about time. Yep, i’m fully loaded – but remember it’s everything I own in the world (bar a box of books at mum’s!)…


3 thoughts on “Gear

  1. Yes! I love the gear.

    I see you’re finding powdered soy milk in the States, remember that stew we made on the Hungarian Danube? Yum! And peanut butter, you lucky duck!!!

    Love the “city pretty” clothes, stylish even on a bike!

    Brooks includes a nice little wrench with their saddles, but isn’t it possible to make the same adjustment with a 6mm allen wrench as well?

    Very happy to see your bike tube wallet is still in service – you’re SO BIKE!

    And it’s funny… weren’t your first set of panniers postal delivery panniers too? Hah! Ton destin, n’est ce pas? Love the gluestick but what are the black squares next to it?

    Pedal on darlin’ and may the wind be on your back.

    xoxo Charlie

  2. Hey Lil! Wow I just spent over an hour reading your blog. I couldnt stop reading! I hadnt read it since you first got on a boat to start sailing from Europe. You are such an amazing writer. Your style is captivating. Im totaly in awe of your travels!
    I wanted to ask… where are you now? I am staying in Berkeley California right now with some friends who used to live in West End. Frankie and I are heading to Mexico/guatemala soon I think but I was wondering if you were heading down to Cali? We should meet up if you come down this way and Im still here. Anthony and Lisa who live here are lovely and would happily give you a bed/couch to stay on = )

    Much love XXXX Chani

  3. I hope that pretty blue and orange dress is in there somewhere. The one that looks like a nice tea towel. Keep riding, keep smiling!

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