A song.

These cities are distractions, reactions to my heart’s fractions. Security breeds obscurity and options become complications. Communications… don’t help. I only miss you more. And this is a safe haven for restlessness, a comfort that i can’t express. It’s a fridge full of food and it’s a bed on the floor. But it’s your home, it’s your door. And i’m not sure… I wanna make it mine. I’m not sure at all… I’m walking down a hollow hall, and every door is open. The choices are winding roads and lightning bolts. They’re fires burning and constant wheels turning. They’re sailing ships or co-op memberships. They’re Panama, or Canada… Moving on or Moving back. They’re you… or not. They’re thundering technicalities and meaningless menialities… sleepless and complex and hopeless.

Just release, rejoice… and pedal. Juno take me home, ride with me alone, keep a steady pace, I’m looking for a familiar face.


6 thoughts on “A song.

  1. Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…

    I wish for Lily….

    I wish for Lily.

    I wish she may, I wish she might….

    Happy Birthday darlin’, and know that I’m coming to you somewhere, sometime — without delay.


    xoxo charlie


    Sally and I received your letter June 26th. So glad to hear from you and knowing your safe in Madison. I bowled there once and loved that capitol city. Happy you and Leon got a chance to stay together for a while longer. Riding with another person to share experiences together is so much more fun. We watch daily on the internet your input of your journey. I hoe your ride takes you through South Dakota on your way to beautiful Seattle. We love and miss you (Handsome) Mike and Pickleball Sally
    self proclaimed

  3. hello again! (this is unrelated to you post but i wanted to drop you a line) we were ships passing in the night in madison. just left yesterday and am now back in minneapolis. my plans have made an unexpected change: i’m around until the 6th of july, when i will jump over the atlantic to norway until the 5th of august.. when are you passing through here? if you’re around in august, my offer still stands : )

    enjoy madison, its a magical place, as far as towns go.

    happy biking!

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