Michigan Is

Michigan is Mike. It’s a twinkly-eyed man in the grocery store. It’s an offer of the perfect couch. It’s middle America at it’s best… 10 grandchildren, a baseball game, manicured lawns and freshly painted fences. Michigan is friendly strangers who become family. It’s home-cooked pies, scrapbooks and pickle-ball. It’s a fridge full of freezies, known in Michigan as Popsicles. It’s comforting conversation and it’s liberty amongst the conservatives. It’s diners and it’s free breakfasts. Michigan is better roads and wider shoulders. Sometimes, it’s winds from the South. It’s sunshine through the clouds and warm summer days. It’s blueberry farms and freshly picked strawberries. It’s wild Lake Michigan and it’s sandy beaches. It’s free beer and it’s locally brewed. It’s long stretches of paved bike path. It’s blossoming art centers and fun festivals. Michigan is marvelous!

“You never feel better than when you start feeling good after you’ve been feeling bad” – William Least Heat Moon


5 thoughts on “Michigan Is

  1. I cried when you left. I stood in the road and watched you two pedal away wondering how could a person like myself care for two people so much in only 15 hours. There were so many more questions to be asked, if we could have only had more time to share with you two sponge butterflys. Sponge? Yes because you’re sucking up all that experience and all the knowledge from your trip. Butterflys? Yep, them too because you two are stopping here and there just long enough to re-energize yourselves so you can go on. Yes your beauty and grace touching down long enough for others to enjoy, and then your off again so you can brighten up someone elses life.

    Some people think that it was nice of Sally and I to take in two strangers. They probably don’t understand that it was just the opposite. It was wonderful of you two to stay with us and exchange stories with us, to let us live a little of your past experiences.

    Our friends are still talking about you and every day goes by and I can’t stop thinking of where you are now and where you will be tomorrow. I know now how the innkeepers felt when Mary, Joseph and Jesus left their inn. They were blessed as we were. I am pretty sure I’ll never see you again, but every time I think of this tears start falling again. There are droplets again on the paper I wrote this on, just thinking of that statement. (God), I ask you please watch over these two young children and protect them as a sheepherder watches over his sheep. Please give them the guidance to follow the right path so they can stay unharmed, fed, sheltered and loved. Amen.
    Lily and Leon, Sally and I love and care for you. Mike and Sally Braun

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