My route:

bah! I can’t get googlemaps to do this all in one shot, it keeps telling me I have ‘too many destinations’. Ah well, here it is broken up! Updated every few days.


One thought on “My route:

  1. just got an email from my dear friends in madison about a mad cyclist/letter deliverer. thank you again, so much. you seem to making your way towards chris’ childhood home. very beautiful, lots of trees. lots.

    here is what my friend said:

    “Also, I got your letter via bike. It was the best thing ever. That day I was sick in my bed with a fever of 103 and someone knocked on my door and it was James with this random girl. She started talking and I had no idea what she was saying, I really couldn’t comprehend her and asked her to start over. Then I realized that she had a letter from you! I was so excited and groggy. I wish that I would have had enough sense to invite her for dinner– I am sure she could have used it. I feel horrible, so if you know of anyway I can get ahold of this person, please let me know ’cause I would like to still offer her up a meal the next time she is in town. It was such an awesome event! Thanks for the letter! The girls loved it! :)”

    next time you’re in town with the family, you have an open invite.

    with much love and the speed of light,


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