Worth the weight

Words have the power to cement feelings in time. A fleeting thought penned into the matrix will silently sit, assuming no change until one is given.  Since the spirit is so fluid, I would have to write a lot more often in order to capture it’s fluctuations. Instead, I try to express a sample of my soul and blog only when a thought slows for the ink.  And so, a melancholy moment stands still in time, lingering at the top of this Beelily webpage, tightening the tension of a heartstring, long after it’s calm beating rhythm has returned.  Having dug-out of that (somewhat shallow) hole, I feel compelled to move the post down the page.

I suspect there are things in life we will always need reminding of… the key is to have the people to do it. I was reminded this week of the combined wisdom of my friends – a force to respect and admire with absolute awe. A few e-mails and perfectly timed postal deliveries provided a sturdy shoulder, no matter the oceans divides.

“Balance is not found, it is created” – one of the simplest and most profound things said to me when I was searching for stable ground. An anecdote* about a turtle, scribbled in spirals on a handwritten letter, filled me with love and a gentle nudge in taking nothing for granted. A long awaited package reminded me of something so important, it worried me I’d forgotten it: – Never take love too seriously. The bigger it is, the stronger it is, the less it will know the meaning of moderation, and the more lightness and laughter will be needed to carry it forward. And finally, a lesson no one should ever forget, but the first we all do – There is so much time. Time to dream, time to act, time to love, time to talk… and always, time to wait.

*If there was an old blind turtle in the ocean. If once every one hundred years it stuck it’s head above the surface of the water. If in this moment it met a floating log with a hole in the center just big enough for the turtle’s head to pop through. Then the chances of this event would be greater than the chances of being born human. A chance not worth wasting.


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