Stem to Stern

After her three square meals of beans and rice, she got into the whiskey. The scuttlebutt she had heard earlier had let the cat out of the bag. He was having an affair. She had thought she’d been at the helm of that relationship… that they had been sailing along smoothly… so the news took the wind out of her sails. Undecided as to whether she should cut her lover some slack or give him the heave ho, she just set to drinking. And drink she did – almost enough to sink a ship. By the tenth tall glass she was by and large, three sheets to the wind. She knew she wasn’t toeing the line, she knew it wasn’t professional, but hoped – and touched wood – that the captain would giver her some leeway, considering the circumstances. He was a pretty first rate guy, and they were on an even keel, more or less, so she let loose. The bottle was drunk to the bitter end, and she sensed she had gone a little over board. On her way back to the cabin, Robin, another crewmember, had to hit the deck as she passed, stumbling around as she was. “Whatever floats your boat” thought Robin, but gave her a wide berth anyway.

The next morning found her between the devil and the deep blue sea. She felt about ready to keel over, her quarters were far from ship shape, and yet the problem had not been confronted. She decided to take a different tack this time – she would speak to him, and hopefully make some headway. Maybe they could give it a clean sweep. If that didn’t work – well, she would either jump ship, or send HIM by the board.

*this is a fictional story, sailing jargon in the english language compressed!*


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