A pair of turtles floating lazily as we pass, trying to crawl on water. A little lone bird perched on our lifelines, exhausted and thankful for some repose amongst the vast expanse of ocean. A pod of dolphins, more than twenty, all swimming along our bow, crisscrossing over and under each other, their bowed backs breaking the surface sporadically. A flying fish jumping straight into the side of my face then hitting the deck with a thud and splattering about as I try to grab hold of him to throw him back. A pilot whale not 10 meters away… then its dark shadow seen gliding under our hull, resurfacing on the other side with a loud blow. At night in the pitch-blackness, more dolphins, this time trailing bioluminescence, their shape lit up and glowing. A Dorado fish hooked on our line, given a blessing and thanks before transforming into sushi, wrapped in seaweed and nourishing us all. A white, bigger bird with an elegant wingspan and a strange white mousy tail dragging behind. Phosphorescence sparkling on all sides of us, reflecting the starry night. Tunicates, baby jellyfish, floating in every few inches of sea and coming up with our buckets of dishwater. Scores of startled flying fish, springing up and scuttling off in all directions as we pass. No mosquitoes, no ants, no flies or bugs of any kind. An arid liquid desert where only those with intended design can withstand the stark saltiness for any length.


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