In a little over 12 hours, I’ll know my fate. I’ll know if i’ve been liberated… and welcomed to the land of the free.

I have over 30 printed pages explaining my existence. I have spent days staring at a screen and running back and forth from the copy shop. I have senators backing me, doctors, former AP presidents, mothers, lawyers… I’ve got it all. If my hoboism shines through despite this, then at least I’ll know it runs deep.

From here on, it feels out of my hands. I’ve done the best I can. Tomorrow I will stand forth in front of the American Consulate (in shiny business clothes) and be judged. Either way, I’m reminding myself whatever happens is meant to be. My options aren’t so bad. It’s either the Caribbean/Central America, or the freight trains of Southern U.S.A. As always though, I’d like to have it all.

Soon, I’ll sail away on “Ramble”. Whichever land it is i’ll be bound for, I’m sure I could call it homeward. It’s all in the journey right?


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