Hitch Biking v. The art of getting from one location to another, by thumb and the kindness of strangers – with a bicycle.

They all told me it wouldn´t work, and I doubted it myself. Only one way to find out though, and I had never thumbed it in Greece. There was a bus leaving at midnight if my ambitions failed me.

In the hot hot sun I cycled, fully loaded to the highway. I tried one spot, then another, and another. Being able to just jump on and peddle away was incredibly freeing! On the third attempt, maybe 2 hours after I had begun, a car pulls over and carries me 40kms down the road.
Out of the mess of the city the rides come easier. A Turkish truck driver loads my bike into his empty trailer and off we go. Almost 12 hours later, at 5.30 in the morning I am dropped off at my destination – Thessaloniki. Actually, 5 kms out of town on the highway, but watching the sun come up while peddling towards it is always a joy, autoroute or not.


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