Coast to Core

It has been a long winter.
The last time I swam in the sea was January this year. The last time I swam in the sea and enjoyed the temperature was almost a year ago. Today I immersed myself in the cool liquid… floating slowly on… blue skies without a cloud, ripples lap lap lapping at the shore.

Sure, winter fell away long ago, but this summer breeze has only just reached me. I made it to the coast of Croatia, and lying on the pebbled beach, alone and soaked in sunny rays, a smile involuntarily crept under my skin. The heat radiating off me refreshes my spirit. The water so close to stumble into, calms my head and flutters my heart. I am so happy to be here. A familiar friendly face and warm converstaion over cups of tea set my inner candle to flickering. It is a good time to be here. I am eternally in love with simply the sun and the sea.


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