Calling All Nomads

I have begun a new film! It has been a litte seed in my brain for a few weeks now, but I have woken up this morning INSPIRED! A little footage has already been filmed, but there is lot of work to be done. Another documentary, I will be looking at people who travel by sustainable transport. That means bikes, horses, sailboats, two feet, and maybe even hitchhiking (not sure how purist to be!). In any case, I don´t think I will have any trouble finding these beautiful people… my life seems to be magnetically attracting them at the moment. Having completed the last doco more or less alone, I realise any artform is more fun when you collaborate… so anyone who wants to help with this, you are much more than welcome. Any ideas, connections, hands on help… whatever really, contact me!


2 thoughts on “Calling All Nomads

  1. sounds beautiful. i’m looking to get a sound recording device of some sort to record some of the amazing characters and stories I’ve been meeting and their truth. and then maybe i’ll make an audio documentary out of it 🙂

    if there’s anything i can help with from across the oceans, you know where to find me!

    i think you would fall in love with where I am right now (I have)


  2. I do a lot of hitch-hiking to support my habits of regular hiking, so how about those of us whom walk everywhere? I just did a 500 mile stretch with only minimal hitching to get in and out of town for food resupplies, and there are plenty fo other folks on the trail I bailed from doing the full 2700 mile trek this summer. I can get info for you, or drop you any contacts/my own take on it if you’d like.

    Oh ad I’ll be a 7/8/9 if you want to chat. been doing some trainhopping in the US aswell, thanks for getting me turned on to it!

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