Croatian Charm

I´ve reached Zagreb! Peddling into the city, it´s not long before Croatian hospitality rolls out the red carpet, loud and clear. I almost have a head on collision with a fellow rider, and decide to take the opportunity to ask him for directions. Before long I am being escorted all around the town, in search of an internet cafe, but via the museum, the cathedral, the main square…

I bid farewell to Ivan, do the net thing, then carry on to meet my couch surfing host. A few blocks down the road a breathless cyclist skids up to me, asking for a few minutes of my time. Do I have a place to stay? Is there anything I need? Something for my bike? Any help at all? His name is Marko, truly a Croatian sweety, and the next day sees us meeting up again, for coffee and a city tour. He has riden his bike from Croatia to Beijing, among several other tours, and is somewhat of a celebrity cyclist here. His keeness to help is unmatchable and I finish the day with valuable knowledge, a great tiny portable stove, and several exciting stories richer.

(un)Fortunately I have already organised a place to sleep. As always, I havn´t arrived when I said I would, but my hosts are as welcoming as ever. Also keen bikers, and great comedians, I am now living it up in a fancy apartment with polished floors and couldn´t ask for anything more. A cycle to the coast on the cards, and an old friend in Zadar to meet up with… Croatia is proving to be just as cosy and crazy as expected.


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