Radlers on the Road

Screeming Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin in the Wind’ as we zoom down a hill so fast my eyes tear up, seems somehow appropriate. Breeze through my hair, Charlie’s t-shirt fluttering as he coasts past.
There’s an uphill on the other side, but I’ve learnt it will only come down again and so life keeps flowing.

Germany isn’t quite ‘one big bike path’ as I was told, but almost. There is plenty of river routes and seeing other cyclists, touring ones, is common. Green rolling hills are abundant, forests not hard to find. As I sit on the edge of a plantation, fields spanning the distance in front and the setting sun as a backdrop, our tent and fire shrink into the shadows behind. Another little spot to call home for the night. All are different, most are beautiful.

I’ve gained a shade or two in colour, but can’t tell if it’s tan or tarnish. Dirt beneath my nails and behind my ears, things feel like they’re getting done. It’s a ‘leave (almost) no trace’ lifestyle and it suits me well. Meals are sometimes Freegan, otherwise Vegan and what our bodies waste, the forest floor makes use. We power on peddles and potatoes with a little wind energy if luck strikes. Days are energetic, nights calm… almost lonely, but the weeks are rewarding. Budapest is still a ways away, but Frankfurt has sunk well below the horizon and friendship, companionship, grows ever stronger.

We are moving slow, but smelling the roses… and still seeing plenty of snails.


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