I was Eastward bound, he Westward. His stories were unfolding in The Netherlands, mine in Germany. As nonsensical as it seems, we saw logic in meeting half way.

I would ride North, he South. It would be 150kms in the wrong direction, if we knew where we were going. But as the old adage goes, if you don’t, then every path will take you there.

Love is about as good a reason as any, so for one short sleepless night, our paths would cross. We met by the library, saddle between our legs, in Koblenz. A beer, then a ride out of town for a cosy campsite. Firelit conversation, tales of eachothers journeys recounted.
One night turned into two, and soon three. Budapest called my name, and with a little universal intervention, Charlie’s was added to the list. The Danube’s whispers would be heard together.

And so another chapter with the two was pencilled in.


One thought on “Crossroads

  1. Hey Beelily,

    Your post of April 10 brought to mind my first visit to England, when I bicycled all over for three weeks. (I was fighting the Greenhouse Effect and extravagance even then.) One afternoon I was struggling to make it to a distant youth hostel, trying to keep to a self-imposed schedule. It was a sunny day, and suddenly I realized, why am I beating myself to death like this? This is supposed to be a vacation!

    So I stopped pumping the pedals, threw the bike down in some long grass next to the road, and just lay down in the shade of a tree and mused for an hour or two. It was great. Maybe it was the best day of my trip. It’s certainly one I remember, and that was more than forty years ago.

    I loved your video. I sent you a long email about it, did you get it? Some of my emails to Europe have not been getting through.

    Renee and I have had a great time together. She’s been teaching tango in my main room, and doing very well. She goes dancing most nights in town or in Brisbane, and visits her relatives and friends. I got her a 2005 Toyota Avalon to bop around in, a lovely car. Patrick was here for two weeks and left Friday; we went to a great party in Uki. Rob Legg organized the World Naked Bike Ride for Byron Bay, and it went very well. Forty naked people parading up Jonson Street to the cheers of onlookers, led by Rob towing Renee in a wheeled bathtub, she being painted green, with a sign “Stay clean Go green.” Otherwise I haven’t been doing much video; the days just drift by.

    Renee and I plan to go to the Greek Islands in May and to Barcelona in June. We’ve rented an apartment over near where you and I went to see the Man Ray etc exhibit. Much bigger apartment than last time 70 square metres. If you don’t mind a bit of luxury you’re welcome to visit anytime.

    Love and hugs, Charles

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