I am barefoot. Outdoors. Really, I tell no lies. Leaning up against my purple peugeot in a field of grass, a sea of blue above me, birds whistling and bikes humming as they meander past. I think this is what they call spring.
Finally in shorts again, the feeling of wind on my bare flesh, tickling my hair as I peddle… Purity! No part of me is cold. The sun is warming the back of my neck and lovers surround me, picnicking on blankets and kissing with sparkles. A lonely cloud is enveloped by the sky, white mist losing itself in the blueness and I watch as it disolves.

I´m squinting as I write this and am reminded I need new sunglasses. I´ve never been so happy to remember! Even little beads of sweat have settled on my brow as I swing my poi round and round. It´s been a whole cold, dreary winter since they saw the light of day and their pre-burnt kerosene smell reminds me of past summers.

Trees must get lonely in the winter. Their branches bare and their parks empty… They are rattling with music now and all delight to hear the sound.

I´ll be here for the week, with some motherly moments, then peddle off to somewhere east. Try life back in the saddle… this time by bike path!


One thought on “Frankfurt

  1. Hey it’s good to hear of your travels. So your riding a bicycle across France? Awesome! I rode one across Laos in 2002. I’m back home and back to studies and work and scuba diving lots. Keep me posted. It would be great to meet again somewhere someday.

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