Skipping Waste

Monopolizing chain supermarkets dominate food sales. Bananas from Columbia and avocados from Brazil are filling baskets throughout European winters.  These unsustainable consumer habits lead to a well of waste, burning oil and overflowing landfills. Desperately seeking an alternative, ‘Dumpster Divers’ are taking to the streets, feeding hundreds with the found food. ‘Skipping Waste’ follows these communities through France and the Netherlands as they recoup and reuse what capitalist society has deemed as ‘trash’.

see here the full video on trashwiki.

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4 thoughts on “Skipping Waste

  1. Lily i LOVE it! Oh I am so impressed!! I was expecting a 10 minute rundown and now i will be late for the farm!
    Only thing is it stopped at 37:34 minutes, so I’m caught up in the suspense of it all. Don’t know if it’s my computer or something else, maybe I’ll try again later.

    LOOVE the sound track! hehe. oh my love, you’ve done such an amazing job. What a way to shine 😀


  2. Great documentary! Thanks for making a quality version available on bittorrent.

    I downloaded it and showed it at a potluck at my place. Then we went out and raided some bins and rescued a pile of food.

    Who made the dumpster diving song in the video? I loved it!

    • hey eric, thanks a bunch! Glad you enjoyed it, and top form, keep liberating the food!!! The dumspter soundtrack was by a good friend of mine Ruben in Utrecht. He’s a star hey!? Thanks again! x lily

  3. We’ve got it better where i live.. not only fruit and vegetables but also microwave meals, (vega) meat, dog food, juice even beer, wine and so on..

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