You know it’s been 5 months I’ve spent in Holland? Little hops off to surrounding countries here and there, but the dutch culture and language ever present for a whole 5 months. It’s starting to feel almost like home. Time to leave!

Ha, no but really, so much has happened these last days, and chapters are coming to an end. I’ve been settled in the one place for 2 months, tap tap tapping away at the keyboard, madly editing stories until 6 in the morning. Ive seen the same beautiful faces every day, listened to the same music and drank the same beer. And now its all over. THE film is finished. My dreams, tribulations and aspirations have reached their heights, and I now own a very tangible expression of these culminations. “Skipping Waste” will be online on friday.

So what next? The night of the screening, last saturday, I lost count of the number of people asking “so, what’s your next project?”. Next project!? Man! To put down that camera and see through my own eyes for a while. Im grabbing my bicycle and meandering down to Paris. That brown-eyed Winsconsin man mentioned earlier has provided several hello’s and goodbye’s since, and im not quite ready to make it a final fairwell. Charlie’s riding his bike around the world, so i’ll ride with him… until my beloved city d’amour.

Plans, (and I have certainly learnt to trust those bastards with a grain of salt) are to thumb it to Athens for a new and different sailing expedition… around the mediterranean. A fortnight with the chunk of my heart known as ‘mum’, in Belgium, then south south south. Aka SUN SUN SUN! From there i’ll ramble around for a while… literally… the boat’s name is Ramble!

Old dreams, new dreams, everything flows freely and change is on the horizon which is all I’m ever really seeking. A last few days with my heartfriends here, then time to turn a new page and start reading between the lines again. Feels great to get back on the road!


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