Leaving and Arriving

Today I felt a feeling, while standing in the kitchen of casarobino, that was a pretty familiar one. A sickly rumble in my stomach, the day’s mission ahead of me: To Leave. I couldn’t help but think… this is never going to end. My whole life I’ll find communities I fall in love with, then when itchy feet start to tickle, the road will widen and I’ll know it’s time to go. It was a sad feeling, but, stepping down the stairs, kissing a brown-eyed Wisconsin man goodbye and heading into the afternoon air… it all fell away and the freedom flew in again.

Ten minutes later I was on the highway and chatting to Joey and Ray, two dutch guys who saw my thumb signal. Dropping me off in Central Leiden the snow had begun to fall. Little white chrystals fell into my eyelashes and toppled to the tip of my nose. Just as I was thinking how beautiful it all was, a young girl rides past me on a clickety-clackety bike and shouts to her friend… of which the only part I caught was: “Dutch weather has perfect timing”. Skipping now, I smiled again and said out loud, “Yes, it does!”.

So I’m home again and readjusting to the lack of light and the shift in vibe, but its time to get to work and I guess that’s how it goes.


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