La vie est belle… or het leven is mooi?

I’m writing these words in my journal underneath the last entry which reads: “Life is Beautiful”. 

A cliche that has played on these pages many times before, but one that makes me smile and remember all the goodtimes. Memories and moments made even years ago, the friends, the love and the music. The latter is one that has re-created itself recently, with a healthy dose of the former. Friends and love certainly filled the room a few nights ago when Xavier Rudd played to Rotterdam, in a venue not unlike ‘The Tivoli”, a very familiar Brisbane hall, host to local and international acts. 

Having seen this ‘one man band’ play more than dozen times, starting at the tender age of 14, the idea of watching him years later and on the other side of the world, seemed like a nice idea… or at least a good laugh.

It was certainly a case of deja-vu when my body moved blissfully to his old-time classics, and at the sound of ‘Let Me Be’ I was taken back to my second Falls Festival… when at 16, we rushed to the merch desk to purchase the brand new album, several months before its official release. We felt honored and oh-so-lucky to be hearing the sweet harmonies before the general public. Now, at 21, his beats would rarely be heard echoing through my living room, but seeing him up on stage and with the same incense, the same aboriginal flag and the same cheesy peace-and-love one liners, I’ve gotta say it was a great pleasure. 

Beautiful dutch friends I had come to know and love over the last few months surrounded me, and watching the music hit their ears for the first time was as enjoyable as hearing it myself for the 50th. Even Xavier’s roady was the same familiar face… (Jamesy?) a guy we all used to idolise too, and stare at green with envy. 

When i think of the people brought together over those rhythms… of the life, the friends, the forums and festivals that ensued, and that still remain true and strong, I cant help but smile. Looking around and at myself that night, it was a perfect juxtaposition of then and now… of who I was and who I’ve become. Life was then and it sure as hell is now… BEAUTIFUL!


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