Hanging up my highway shoes…

… and grabbing a set of wheels. Back on the road again, no one but future friends around me now.

Finally got my shit together and left Delft, heading south-east. My usual mode of transport mostly only exercises the thumb muscle, so its been a test to set forth from here by bike. One that im well glad to have taken though, as I peddle across canals, green fields and little dutch towns. The berries, apples and farmlands provide a fragrance of freshness as the winds carry them along. Its been nothing but blue skies so far, with the exception of about 30 mins today, where a heavy downpoor reminded me I really was in Holland. Although its a lonely way of travelling, and certainly very different to what im used to, its really nice to have so much space and time to just BE. Think, breath and talk aloud, it’s great to get your head together. Im seeing so much more landscape that I usually would, and even get a chance to check out all the freights that roll by!

Left Delft for Dordrecht, where I surfed in an anti-squat office building… room after room after room for me to stay in. From there headed to Breda, where i spent 4 days living, laughing and drinking! There was a festival in town, Breda Barst, and John Barleycorn reared his head more than once, so that a few days were lost in recovery. Much much fun though, 2 other couchsurfers, one french, one croatian, joining in the adventures too. Mariska, our host, was an absolute delight, and it wasn’t easy leaving on monday morning, another chapter over.

But another just beginning, and into the wind to Gorinchem I rode. Spent the day resting in a park, a night on an air bed, and finished in Utrecht today. Ive been in love with this country since i first set foot in it, but my admiration for its beauty has only grown. Each town I pass by gives me the feeling im missing out on something, and each one I stop in proves to me I am. Utrecht will only provide more stories im sure, two photographers and a theatre actor to pick and choose couches with!

160kms biked so far, many more to come and go, friends to meet, people to see, just busy living life. And it’s looking more remarkable than ever!  x


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