Wet Feet

A disclaimer: In a bid to retrieve the passion i once had for my camera, i left it with a dear friend, so have captured very few moments… here are a few, of poor quality, but the vibe is there!

The low lands. Where the terra is so sunken that the oceans tap tap tap at a wall of sand just to keep everyone afloat, but where the hearts and minds of the people are so high, even the clouds seem a long way down. 

Im in the Netherlands. Living with me here, are 18 others, open pages all of them, cooking, laughing and eating together. I hitched here after another quick little escapade in France, where I was introduced and connected to more beautiful people, doing more beautiful things for their country, our planet, and my world… reinspiring in more ways than one. Composting toilets, solar ovens, homemade bread, beer and wine… bikes, bins and books, each minute providing more information but less beats of my heart, as it skipped along to the possibilities running wild in my brain.

A hitch through Belgium, a bike purchase in Den Haag and a quick ride to Delft, where I now find my feet tapping. For a week I’ve been staying here in this little society with Erik, a compelling, honest and charming dutch boy (also featured at 888 in paris ;)). Our days have been spent in laughter and light, and it never ceases to amaze me how little time you need to really share and surrender to someone. 

So many stories to recount, so few words could capture the chaos… suffise it to say that it has been a week of love. Even the sun has been shining! In HOLLAND! The meals have been magnificent, last night a huge cookup with dumpstered food, too much to eat in one sitting.

Today we cycled (I am officially in love with riding my bike!) to the organic store for some food for our planned banana cake, and the guy behind the counter was smiling so much I wandered what he was dribbling in dutch to Erik. He was saying something along the lines of ‘what a beautiful couple’ to his colleague, and decided to share it with us too, as we went to pay for our 6 euros of food. We only had 3 euros in change. Feeling a bit silly we were about to go and find an atm when our smiley friend insisted our coinage was enough and bid us fairwell. We went home, baked the cake, and brought half back to the shop. We were all so touched by the love and generosity, our goodbye this time was given in hugs. A simple story, but one that still makes me smile… a feeling of community is one of the most important in this beautiful world.

Rooftop slumbers, poi playings, bottles of wine on the beach, and so so many great conversations, stories and laughs. Just another european country to be in love with. The directness, openess, and liberation of these people is something im looking forward to experiencing more. Tomorrow I’m heading south, then east, spending a month or so doing a tour of this cute little wet country, on my bike, the only way. Erik even fixed me a basket and platform for my two wheeled beauty, perfect fit and design, so I’m ready to go.

Time to go and get wet.


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