Paris… my love

As the time code spins away to my right while i capture the footage just taken of the hitching journey from Barcelona to Paris, I’m sitting here in the most quaint little one bedroom apartment, on the 6th floor, happy and in love.

In love with this beautiful city. I have just arrived home. My couch host, Jean Baptiste, took me out for a night on the town. The most delicious meal I’ve eaten in a long time, REAL french creme brulee, and then a scooter ride around this amazing city. What a way to see a town, leaning back, letting the wind blow you down, and passing everything from the Louvre to the Eiffel tower to the Champ Elysees… and all the while listening to stories of sailing and adventure. I truly am in love with this beautiful city, and I dont care what people say, I could live here EASY!

The journey up from Barcelona (with Melbourne Lily) was in the same vein. Easy. So easy in fact, that it was almost a negative… at least it terms of the filming for the documentary for 888. The rides came fast and freely, waiting no more than 15mins as usual, and at one point, even getting ride sans thumb! It meant limited interviews, and familiar footage… but I’ve got what I’ve got, and im sure some of it is useful. Hitching with Lily was a laugh and a half, her first experience, but one to remember. Her broken shoes, her huge heavy pack, and her little frame hobbling down a highway… it’s a sight i wont be forgetting in a hurry. 

Our couchsurfing for the two nights were impeccable too. The first night we struck gold when we stayed with Anais from Montauban, who welcomed us into her beautiful little Amelie style apartment, with freshly baked vegetarian lasagna, followed by apple pie… and all organic no less! Sharing stories, photos and laughs, it was such a pleasure to relax, and feel at home, after a pretty long day of thumbing it. In the morning we awoke to the smell of brewing tea and a table full of breakfast foods. 

The next day we drove 7 hours, in one ride. Squinting into the sun at the entrance to an auto route, we were skeptical we’d get a ride at all, when, low and behold, a huge camping car pulls over and welcomes us in. Its a family of 5, all heading off on their holiday jaunt to germany. There first day, first hour even, and already they’re helping others along. Was an amazing ride, really comfortable and relaxed, free food provided, lunch, dinner, more laughs and the mum, Anna, even sung me a few songs about hitchhiking, in french. We were met by Mathieu and his mate Lucas in Orleans, and spent the rest of the night poking fun at eachother, talking shit, and altogether having a good time. 

Set off again the next morning, nutella for breakfast, and more laughs to send us on our way. Just one ride later and we were being dropped off beneath the EIFFEL TOWER. Haha. That is to say, that we hitched TO the Eiffel tower. Yeah yeah, ok, its just a touristy thing, but a beautiful one, and I was pretty stoked. 

It was love at first sight, but a few days have come and gone, and my adoration has only grown. And if Paris was my cake, Mandy, my beautiful Mandy, meeting up with me in Montmartre, and spending a night of beers and cuddles, was the cherry. Gotta love this city.


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