hitching help

A few photos from mandys camera… more coming soon!

So, a little visual diary to keep you all guessing…

I would say that today was one of the most amazing days of my life, except that im sure i said that yesterday, so maybe the power of such words isnt as great anymore… But it is surely true that today was an amazing one. We started off hitching out of Chiang Mai, with intentions to get… well, as far as we could, Ko Tao island our final destination, some 1000k away, through thai highroads.

Starting off with a very cheap tuk tuk, we got out to the highway, and made the customary signals for ‘hitching’ in thailand, not a thumb at all, but a hand wave, which australians would probably interpret as ‘SLOW DOWN!’… sure enough, not 30 seconds later, our first truck pulls up. A lovely thai man, travelling between jobs (he works literally night AND day)… then another ride by two beautiful thai women… so all is going well, we’ve made it about 100k. Not bad, its only 9 oclock. Our next lift pulls up, and its a thai husband and wife, the man at the wheel, dressed in some sort of military get up/uniform. None of these people speak any english of course, so trying to explain where you’re going, much less what exactly you’re doing (in a country where this sort of travel is unheard of!), results in a series of hand gestures, head nods, and alltogether making a fool of yourself. Much fun ensues of course. Anyway, so this guy picks us up but within 5 ks pulls over again, and gestures for us to hop out. Oh great we’re thinking, just another thai guy wanting us to catch the bus, completely missing the point of hitching… He walks over to his little stall/table thing, under a pagola by the side of the highway, and it looks a bit like a busstop, so we’re thouroughly confused. He motions for us to sit down, and once we realise our protests are futile, we do so. He proceeds to hand out food (corncobs and taro rice patties) and water, THEN stands out on the road, where we suddenly realise, he is the ‘checkpoint’ guy. His job is to have a look in cars as they go past, to make sure of no stowaways…

So now we’ve got our hands full with delicious thai food, and our military man is over on the side of the road, motioning cars down for us, and asking where they are going, if they could please fit the both of us in. THis is the life right? Someone DOING the hitching for you!? Anyway, long story short, a brittish couple stop and give us a lift EIGHT hours, exactly where we wanna go. We jump out and realise we’re nowhere near a ‘guesthouse’ (hostel/place to stay) so ask the nearest thai guys, who throw us on their scooters, backpack and all, and take us right to the door of the cheapest place in town. Free internet no less.

What a story, but what a day. Cheers to that!


4 thoughts on “hitching help

  1. Heya Punk – nice hair.

    Thats so cool – do you think they would have picked you up without the fuzz on your side, what person, especially falung, would say no to a thai copper.

    Cool photos – did you ride that freight train I know wanted to.

    vic xo

  2. Hey Lily, cool blog, I’m going to get one myself, I’ve asked Danny to make one on the Synetech website.

    My mountain aerie is really cool, both metaphorically and literally, the Czechs seem to be foregoing summer this year. Off to Barcelona Saturday, it’s going to be great! Jose Baca says he has two models for shooting with, now all we need is a location, how about a yacht in the Med?

    Cheers, CRH

  3. Lil’pil. Brilliant. Luv the monkey. /what a real little sweetie. Have you started your photo journal and book yet? Cool as! in NZ. Wlg Tues, West Coast 2 weeks later. Us freezing our lil buttsssssss. Take care and let the Jade be your bestest friend. Love and Peace. xxxxxxxx Suz’Q

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